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Dental care is very important for maintaining good oral hygiene and general oral health. In addition, there are many factors to consider when you decide to have dental treatment. Among these is receiving dental treatment services from quality dentists. So, can I get quality dental treatment service at a very cheap price as possible? In developed countries such as the USA, Canada or the UK, dental treatments are quite expensive. What about Turkey? Is dentistry cheap in Turkey? Let’s learn closely the cost of getting dental treatment services in Turkey and why dental treatment services in Turkey are cheaper.

Dental Treatment and Dental Tourism in Turkey

Regular dental check-ups and treatments are necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, dental treatments can be expensive, especially in developed countries where the cost of living is high, such as the USA, UK, or Australia. This is why many people opt for dental tourism, which involves traveling to a foreign country for affordable dental treatments

Turkey is a popular destination for dental tourism. It is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes and friendly people. In addition to these, Turkey has become a dental tourism centre that offers various dental treatments at much lower costs than developed countries. Although cheap or low cost creates negative effects on the person, Turkey offers low-cost dental services with high quality at European standards. Many dental clinics in Turkey use modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure their patients receive the best possible treatment.

Turkish dentists are trained to international standards and many have working experience in the USA or Europe. Turkey has a large pool of qualified and experienced dentists who can speak English and other languages ​​fluently. Many of them have been educated at prestigious universities and have many years of experience in their field. Patients can easily search and select dentists based on their qualifications and experience, making it easy to find the right dentist for their needs.

How Much Does the Dental Treatment Services Cost in Turkey?

The cost of dental treatments in Turkey is quite low compared to developed countries. Prices are usually 50-70% lower than in European countries such as the USA and the UK. For example, a dental implant can cost around $700 in Turkey, while the same treatment can cost $3,000-5,000 in the US or UK. Likewise, while a teeth whitening treatment is around $150 in Turkey, the same treatment can cost $600-1000 in developed countries. So why are dental treatment services cheaper in Turkey? Despite the low cost, dental services in Turkey are of high quality. Let’s learn closely both the dental treatment services provided in Turkey and the cost of the treatment services.

Turkey offers a wide range of dental treatments and services with professional dentists, including:

Implant Treatment: It is known for providing high quality and affordable dental implants, a popular option for those who have lost one or more teeth. Implants are placed in the jawbone to create a strong foundation for a new tooth.

Smile Makeover: Smile design is an economical way to improve the appearance of teeth and give you a beautiful smile. Many dental clinics in Turkey provide you with a perfect smile by designing a smile for the patient.

Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment that can improve the appearance of discoloured, chipped or misshapen teeth. Dental crowns are used to restore damaged or missing teeth. Many dental clinics in Turkey offer high quality veneers that are customized to fit the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental Crown Treatment: Crowns are used to restore damaged or missing teeth. Many dental clinics in Turkey offer high quality crown treatment customized to suit the unique needs of the patient.

Here are other reasons why it is cheaper to get dental treatment services in Turkey compared to European countries:

  1. Currency Difference
    The price of most dental treatments, especially dental treatment with many brands such as implants, is quite expensive everywhere. Thanks to the exchange rate in Turkey, you can make the same transaction cheaper. The value of the Turkish lira is lower than the pound sterling or the US dollar. This means that it will allow you to get dental treatment service at a cheaper price and also allow you to take a vacation.
  2. Travel Fee to Turkey is Cheaper Compared to European Countries!
    Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia, making it a suitable destination for patients from both continents.
  3. Get Cheaper Service with Packaged Dental Treatments!
    The lower cost of living in Turkey makes dental treatments more affordable. The cost of rent, food and other necessities is significantly lower than in developed countries. This means that dental clinics can offer lower prices without compromising the quality of service. Additionally, many clinics offer package deals that include accommodation and transportation, making it even more affordable for patients.

Dental treatments are offered in packages in Turkey. Many clinics offer package deals that include accommodations and transportation, providing patients with even more affordable and high-quality dental treatment services.

Dental Treatment Packages in Turkey

Overall, Turkey has become an attractive destination for dental tourism by offering a wide range of dental treatments and services at affordable prices. Patients can enjoy Turkey’s beautiful culture and scenery while also benefiting from high-quality services, advanced technology, and experienced dentists.

As Panoramik Dental Clinic, we are very meticulous about hygiene and offer quality treatment services in packages for our foreign guests within the framework of quality standards. We believe that everyone deserves beautiful and healthy smiles, and we offer you the most affordable price options. If you would like to learn more about dental treatment prices in Antalya, you can contact us anytime through the communication section of our institution.

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