Zirconia Teeth Turkey

Zirconia Teeth TurkeyWhat exactly is a zirconia crown?

A zirconia crown is a type of dental crown that is made with zirconium as the basic material. Zirconia is a material that is used to overlay natural teeth or dental implants. Furthermore, because of its strength, it is feasible to manufacture dental brifges of various sizes.

Zirconia crown is also known as zirconia, zirconium oxide crown, zirconia ceramic crown, and zirconia teeth.


Today, the patient demand for this form of dental crown has expanded significantly since it can meet practically all of the patient’s demands, such as:

  • is white and attractive,
  • it is manufactured quickly.
  • and it is time resistant.

Zirconia Teeth Turkey

As previously stated, laminated zirconia has been developed as a metal alternative in the production of dental crowns. As a result, the main advantage of this kind is the excellent aesthetics, but it was also discovered that ceramic frequently loosened, especially in entire mouth rehabilitation.


Because of the lower quantity of alumina stabilizer (from 0.25 percent to 0.05 percent), monolithic zirconia (all anatomical) has a distinct structure, allowing us to utilize it in its individual component (without ceramic).

The monolithic zirconia (all anatomical) has a different structure because it contains less alumina stabilizer (from 0.25 percent to 0.05 percent), which increases transparency and allows us to utilize it in its individual component (without ceramic).

Monolithic zirconium is available in a variety of shapes and structures, each of which is designed to answer a specific challenge, such as:


  • for dental bridges (long life and decreased transparency)
  • for posterior/lateral teeth (molars) with the appropriate balance of transparency and durability
  • for central incisors (minimum layering, just on the outer section of the crown – the visible section)
  • for central incisors and lateral teeth (without ceramics thanks to the multilayer structure).
  • to treat bruxism/tooth grinding (with a higher durability on the whole crown: both the neck part and the incisal line or cut).

Zirconia Teeth Turkey

Why should I go with zirconia? What are its benefits?

a gypsum model with a zirconia-ceramic bridge

Zirconia crowns are lighter than metal-ceramic crowns, yet they are up to 50% stronger.

Zirconia is completely harmless to the human body. It is not a metal and does not cause allergies.

Because they are fully white, with no tooth loosening or gum recession, you will not detect dark bands on the necks of the teeth, as with metal-ceramic crowns, so they retain their lovely appearance for a longer period of time.

The adherence of bacterial plaque is limited by zirconia crowns.