Dental tourism in Turkey

Dental tourism in Turkey:

Dental tourism in TurkeyPatients from the entire world living abroad want to visit turkey for its dental clinics because we will fix the dilemma in the shortest time possible, usually over a weekend or holiday week in turkey. This is an excellent choice for those who cannot stay here for an extended period of time.

We will include a variety of treatments, ranging from basic cosmetic repairs and oral hygiene to endoprosthetic operations and oral surgery, thanks to experienced doctors, new digital dental technology, competitive prices along with good quality care and versatile schedules.

What are the dental treatment services?

1/ Dental implants: Teeth implantation is a quick and accurate operation that is almost painless and does not require cutting the gums.

-One tooth implant – For people who are missing a single tooth, an actual implant may be attached. When a crown is placed on top of the implant, it can function much like a normal tooth.

-Bridge backed by implants – where many neighbouring teeth are absent, typical bridges is placed in specific locations. A bridge assisted by implants may be placed directly in the gap, preserving the protection of any marginal teeth that exist adjacent to the gap.

-This is an alternative to temporary dentures: a dental prosthesis protected by implants. On the heads of multiple implants, complete or partial dentures will be assembled. Dentures will no longer come out when speaking or feeding and the patient will no longer have any problems. Implant supported dentures can strengthen the patient’s smile and entail less corrections than conventional dentures.

Dental tourism in Turkey2/ Work on crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges made of precision ceramic restorations using new technology 3D tools.

3/ Dental fillings that are aesthetically pleasing

Teeth defects are removed, or the appearance, colour, and alignment of the teeth are corrected.

4/ Whitening your teeth

A tooth whitening that is fast, painless, and professional using a safe and efficient process.

5/ Teeth fillings and root canal therapy

Digital devices are being used to treat and re-treat dental root canals.

6/ Oral hygiene performed by a professional

Plaque reduction on the teeth in order to maintain a safe mouth and prevent dental complications.

7/ Treatment of braces and invisalign

Clear aligners are used to straighten teeth invisibly using the latest modern 3D technology.

8/ Treatment of children’s teeth, as well as consultations on preventive treatment and good oral hygiene

Dental journey to turkey offer an all inclusive service (hotel and car transfer) the whole time of your staying. Very attractive places to visit, one week booked in hotel near the clinics and usually in centre town.